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Wing Commander Flat Universe is a free fan top-down space shooter based on the universe created by Chris Roberts and Origin Systems.


In the future, humanity has expanded into the vastness of our universe. After a period of serious conflicts a new political body was born that united the majority of humans around the known universe; the Terran Confederation. Meanwhile, the expeditions to the unknown parts of the galaxy were progressing when the inevitable happened. In the year 2629, T.C.S. Iason made first contact with a feline, bipedal alien race called the Kilrathi. After numerous acts of piracy and murders within Terran territory, in 2634 the Terran Confederation entered a thirty five year savage war against the Kilrathi Empire. The year today is 2679. Ten years have passed since the end of the war. Peace has been restored all around the galaxy but, still, space is a dangerous and cold place to live. Pirates, smugglers, religious extremists, terrorists and the remains of an underground separatist organization called Black Lance plague the confederation space and the nearby systems which are under the control of the Union of Border Worlds which is considered by Terrans as Confederation's stepchild. You sit in the position of a passionet T.C.N. Academy graduate pilot whose first transfer is in a remote space station, called Daedalus, on Destiny system. The station's primary function is “flight test center”. But before you take for granted that your career's future is predetermined, something will change your idea of living as a fighter pilot dramaticaly. Now, you and your collegues must fight for your suvival. Do you have what it takes?


  • Fast paced top-down space shooter.
  • Multiple guns and missile systems.
  • Multiple types of spacecraft to fight with or against.
  • Next gen graphics and sound.
  • Single player branching campaign.
  • Multiplayer options with arena, versus and co-op modes.
  • Mission based game-play with objectives and sub-objectives.
  • Open-ended free flight option.
  • Full mission and campaign editor.
  • Immersive environments and space vistas.
  • Multiple star systems with seamless transition.
  • A custom made fan website rich of additional content. From an in-universe printed magazine to reference guides and ship blueprints.
  • Shaped by community feedback.
  • A game we like to play first and foremost.


Wing Commander Flat Universe Gameplay Trailer 1 YouTube

Wing Commander Flat Universe "Happy Birthday" teaser YouTube

Space Game Junkie Podcast #145 - Wing Commander: Flat Universe  YouTube

Side Quests: Wing Commander: Flat Universe YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (12MB)

download logo files as .zip (3MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Web Site of The Year 2013 - 1st Runner Up" Wing Commander CIC, 04 May, 2014
  • "Project of The Year 2014 - Winner" Wing Commander CIC, 13 Feb, 2015
  • "Web Site of The Year 2014 - Winner" Wing Commander CIC, 13 Feb, 2015
  • "Project of The Year 2015 - 1st Runner Up" Wing Commander CIC, 13 Feb, 2015
  • "Web Site of The Year 2015 - Winner" Wing Commander CIC, 13 Feb, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "This is not only a game this is more like a love letter!"
    - Brian Rubin, Space Game Junkie
  • "Wing Commander Flat Universe is an increadible top down shooter with increadible graphics."
    - Chris Reid, Wing Commander CIC
  • "It's really cool! I like it! I like this a lot. I cannot wait for more things to come out from Maslas Brothers..."
    - MemoryLeakDeath, Side Quests
  • "...I will say that the version, of music, I hear on this game is very well done though. One of the best I have heard so far. Cory's re imagining of the old music is sounding great too..."
    - David Govett (Original Wing Commander theme composer), Team Fat

Destiny's Way
The official in-universe magazine which features images taken directly from the game engine, articles, spaceship schematics, booklet downloads and gameplay reference cards. flatuniverse.solsector.net.

Wing Commander Flat Universe - Blog Post
Everything that it is officialy disscused regarding the development of Flat Universe. wcnews.com.

About MaslasBros

Once, someone from the game industry said: "If we weren't writing games as a profession, we would be hating our day jobs and writing them at night". I guess we were those guys. Eventually we made it our profession...

More information
More information on MaslasBros, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Wing Commander: Flat Universe Credits

Ioannis Maslarinos
Team member, Game Developer & Artist. He only learned that the game is based on a 2D universe after he created it in three dimensions.

Dimitrios Maslarinos
Team member, Game Developer & Programmer. He is supposed to make this thing to work.

Cory Fujimori
Team member, Music Composer. Who said, "There is no sound in space".

Adam Burch
Wing Commander Fan, 3d Artist. Aces High!

Wing Commander Community! (wcnews.com)
Big supporters of our dream and an active forum too. They are also the beta testers of the project.

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